Shamanic Magic

Shamans feel an intense bond to nature and natural things. They believe that spirits can play important roles in human lives and in fact in the lives of the world itself. They believe that the gods are simply powerful Spirits. Spirits aren’t worshiped as gods by the Shamans, rather they are revered, but they can also be controlled or cooperated with for the community’s benefit. Animals play an important role to a Shaman, acting as omens and message-bearers, as well as representations of animal spirit guides. Shamans do not cast magic directly, rather they conjure the Spirits to work for them. In many ways, the Shaman is unique to the spell casting world. Their conjuration, however, is treated much like a spell roll.
The shamans’ primary skills are Astral Theory and Conjuration. Ritual Magic and Meditation are secondary and tertiary skills. Shamans do not learn Magical Theory. Rather, the Shaman works through interactions with the Spirit world. All “magic” that a Shaman casts are done via spirits that are conjured. Below are the steps for conjuring a Spirit:
  1. Determine the range, radius, and effort of the Conjuration as you would normally. Typically Area of Effect will be 0. Typically range is 0, but could be farther away. the Shaman has a mental link with the Spirit so long as there is a service remaining.
  2. Power is calculated by Power = Effort x Astral Theory.
  3. Drain taken = Range + Radius + Effort - Ss on Astral Theory skill
  4. Size and number of services are paid from out of the total power for the spell. The table below shows the cost for each level. A shaman can be linked to a number of spirits serving you equal to your Astral Theory or your Quickness, whichever is less. This will take almost all of their concentration.
ForcePower        ForcePower
110   11105  
215   12120  
321   13136  
428   14153  
536   15171  
645   16190  
755   17210  
866   18231  
978   19253  
1091   20276  

Rolling no Successes

If the shaman rolls 0 successes on their spell roll, then the spirit has refused them. the door is till open and the link to the spirit has still been made. The Spirit, now aware of the shaman, may decide to walk through. this is especially bad for evil spirits like demons and toxic spirits. Typically, good spirits simply ignore the request.

Spirits and Spirit Domains

Spirit Type Spirit Spirit Domain   
Spirits of Man Hearth Spirit A home or living area, e.g. A house, an apartment building. This includes the “property” of the home, e.g. the yard, commons of a building, patios, etc.   
City Spirit A city or village. This includes the streets, subways, elevated platforms, etc. City Spirits can go into Fields and Hearths.   
Field Spirit Any man-made field. This includes parks, playgrounds, sports fields, and agricultural fields.   
Spirits of Health Possessing Spirit Places where sentient beings have died or are buried. This includes hospitals, homes, fields, etc.   
Healing Spirit Anyplace except where extreme disease or possession spirits live. Hospitals aren’t extreme disease or possession unless they are wards where no attempts to heal are being made. For example, a leper colony or 1920’s style mental hospitals.   
Disease Spirit Anyplace where disease runs rampant. This includes any place where living creatures congregate.   
Spirits of Celestial Passion Spirit Passion spirits are found anywhere living creatures live or where large residue of emotions run. For example, Auschwitz may contain Passion Spirits due to the overwhelming despair which occurred there.   
Moon Spirit Moon spirits can be summoned anytime the moon is visible to the conjurer. Please, keep in mind that the moon is often visible during the day. During new moons, Moon Spirits cannot be summoned. Moon’s power waxes and wanes as follows:

Phase Spirit Force Limit   
New 0   
Crescent 2   
Quarter 4   
Half 6   
Gibbous 8   
Full No Limit   
Sun Spirit Sun Spirits can be summoned anywhere the sun is shining.

Phase Conjuration Penalty   
Deep Underground with no ability to see light Cannot summon   
Underground but can see light, underwater 6   
Interior room of a building with limited outside light 4   
Interior room with outside light filtering in 2   
Exterior room in deep shadows and/or window blinds down 1   
Outside 0   
Spirits of Land Desert Spirit Any area which generally receive less than 250 mm (10 in) of precipitation each year.  This includes both hot and cold deserts. Some cold deserts are far from the ocean and others are separated by mountain ranges from the sea and in both cases there is insufficient moisture in the air to cause much precipitation. The largest of these deserts are found in Central Asia. Others occur on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, the eastern side of the southern Andes and in southern Australia. Polar deserts are a particular class of cold desert. The air is very cold and carries little moisture so little precipitation occurs and what does fall, usually as snow, is carried along in the often strong wind and may form blizzards, drifts and dunes similar to those caused by dust and sand in other desert regions. In Antarctica, for example, the annual precipitation is about 50 mm (2 in) on the central plateau and some ten times that amount on some major peninsulas.   
Forest Spirit Natural woodlands where greater than 25% of the cover comes from natural woody vegetation, generally greater than 6 meters tall. In areas, where there is less than 25% tree cover, the GM may allow for Forest spirit summoning with a limitation on the F.   
Mountain Spirit Mountain Spirits are found anywhere a natural elevation of the earth surface rising more or less abruptly from the surrounding level and attaining an altitude which, relatively to the adjacent elevation, is impressive or notable.   
Prairie Spirit regions which receive between 250 and 500 mm (10 and 20 in) and when clad in grass, these are known as steppes.   
Spirits of Water Ocean Spirit -1   
Lake Spirit +0   
River Spirit +0   
Swamp Spirit -1   
Spirits of Sky Sky Spirit -1   
Mist Spirit -1   
Storm Spirit -1   
Wind Spirit -1   

Spirits Services

There are four types of services that a spirit can perform for a shaman. Shamans don’t have to announce all their services at the time of conjuration; however, at sunrise, the spirit will assume that hanging around waiting was one of the services. In other words, if the shaman was granted 3 services and used 2 on the first day, the spirit would leave at sunrise of that day–assuming that simply hanging around was enough. It’s important to note that the spirit is willingly performing these services. Spirits are intelligent and generally well informed. Their answers and actions can be trusted to be on the shaman’s best interests. The shaman can, before sunrise, ask for a physical service that would extend their service (see below):

  • Cast Spell–The shaman may request that the spirit case a specific spell for the shaman. The most common use of this is conjuring a Healing Spirit.
  • Information Service–the shaman may request knowledge of the spirit. The spirit will tell the caster all they know about the topic. Once the spirit’s knowledge is exhausted, the shaman may ask for a multiple information services that will each take up to 24 hours of investigation to perform. A week’s worth of investigation would take 8 services; one for the initial discussion and then 7 for each day of investigation. The spirit will tell the shaman all it knows and all it discovers relating to the question–it cannot hold back.
  • Physical Service–The shaman may request that the spirit perform a physical service. Like detailed information services, each physical service is limited to 24 hours. Please note, that the shaman cannot stipulate how the spirit performs the service, on;y what needs to be done. This direction can be quite specific, e.g. “Protect me from any arrows fired by Gunther from 6pm to 9pm.” Potential physical services include the following:
    • Attack someone to kill, maim, or capture
    • Search an area
    • Watch someone or something and report
    • Carry the shaman
    • Move something

Spirit senses

Spirits do not view the world the same way as humans. They are an innate part of the natural element that forms them. They understand this element well, but others are confusing to them. For example, a hearth spirit will understand human motivations and objects of great emotional attachment well, but will be confused and will not understand the ideas and actions of a deer in the forest. Likewise, a forest spirit does not understand human language or objects. When a shaman has a link with the spirit they can attune themselves to the spirit’s senses and will experience the world as they do. They may be able to add some meaning to the scene, but the basic experience is that of the spirits.

Since spirits are astral beings, they can see physical objects, but these do not impede movement. And tough they can recognize one human from another, this is based more on astral persona than physical characteristics. For example, shamans are seen as representations of their totem, not their physical form. In addition, spirits recognize and can report on aura color. Depending on the Spirits, they may or may not be able to recognize and understand human speech. A spirit will only know common languages for that region, e.g. elvish in an elvish forest, or common and native language of a city for a hearth spirit, but since spoken language is a physical thing and not an astral one, spirit needs to be more experienced to understand it. The basic level that a spirit understand is their Force-3. Use the following table for modifications to this basic number:

Spirits of Man Hearth Spirit +3   
City Spirit +2   
Field Spirit +1   
Spirits of Health Possessing Spirit +2   
Healing Spirit +1   
Disease Spirit +0   
Spirits of Celestial Passion Spirit +1   
Moon Spirit -1   
Sun Spirit -2   
Spirits of Land Desert Spirit +0   
Forest Spirit +0   
Mountain Spirit +0   
Prairie Spirit +0   
Spirits of Water Ocean Spirit -1   
Lake Spirit +0   
River Spirit +0   
Swamp Spirit -1   
Spirits of Sky Sky Spirit -1   
Mist Spirit -1   
Storm Spirit -1   
Wind Spirit -1