Illusion Rune

Since illusions aren’t real things, each of the Verb runes is treated slightly differently–although all are true to their original intent. Illusions never resist other spells.


Break will destroy an Illusion. An illusion has the same number of hit point as POW in the spell. Each POW in the break spell will break 1 point of illusion. The Radius will damage the part of the illusion within the radius. If the goal is for viewers to disbelieve the illusion, it is often not neccessary to break the entire volume. For example, placing a visible hole in the center of an illusory person would be enough to ensure most viewers would not think it is real.


Control allows the caster to manipulate the illusion as if it was a puppet. The Dex of the illusion will be the minimum of the caster’s Quickness divided by the number of illusions controlled and POWer/10. Control will allow the caster to make the illusion walk, however, the illusion can get no farther than the Range put into the spell. For example, if the illusion is 3m away and the caster threw a Control Illusion spell with 3 points of mana put into Range, then the illusion could get no farther than 8m from the caster. The MR of the controlled illusion is equal to 4xDex.


Create cannot be used with Illusions.


Form allows the mental image of something to appear at Range distance and within the Area of Effect determined by the spell. The illusion can be anything of any complexity that the creator can imagine. However, the quality of the illusion is determined by the POWer of the spell. For each 10 power any viewer needs 1 success to disbelieve the illusion. Illusions our of place or absurd allow the GM to determine bonuses for the viewer to disbelieve. In addition, for each 10 POWer, the illusion will include one additional modality, if desired.

For example, if the caster uses an intensity of 8 to cast a spell of total power 72 then viewers will need 7 Ss to disbelieve the illusion. In addition, the illusion will affect all 5 senses of viewers.


Each POWer of Heal adds 1 POWer into the spell up to the original POW of the spell. The entire volume of the original illusion must be strengthened.





Each POWer of Strengthen adds 1 POWer into the spell. The entire volume of the original illusion must be strengthened.



Transform attempts to change how viewers sense the illusions;  looks, feels, etc. For example, one caster may have created the illusion of a bear. The opposing illusionist then transforms the illusion to look  like bunnies.