Magical Teams

A magical team is a group of magicians casting a spell together. Each of the participants must be in a state of meditation, then they connect together to form a single “entity” for the casting. The leader of the group then casts the spell at his/her level. The leader will control the spell from this point on. If the any member of the group is distracted, then the spell will be broken and drain will be given. The drain for the spell is divided evenly among the participants, starting with the caster. Some examples:

Total Drain Participants Outcome
100 10 Each participant loses 10 drain
105 10 5 participants (including the leader) suffer 11 drain, 5 suffer 10 drain
108 10 8 participants (including the leader) suffer 11 drain, 2 suffer 10 drain
112 10 2 participants (including the leader) suffer 12 drain, 8 suffer 11 drain

For those math oriented folks, these teams will have one group taking 1 more drain than the other group. The following formulas can be used:

Formula Example (TD=112; P=10) Formula Example (TD=112; P=10)
HD = Roundup ( TD/P ) ROUNDUP(112/10) = Roundup(11.2) = 12  LD = HD – 1  12-1 = 11
HDP = P-LDP 10-8 = 2  LDP = (HD*P)TD  (12*10)-112 = 120-112 = 8


  • HD: High Drain Group Member’s drain
  • LD: Low Drain Group Member’s drain
  • TD: Total Drain
  • P: Number of Participants
  • HDP: Quantity of Participants in the HD Group
  • LDP: Quantity of Participants in the LD Group


Non-Casters in Magical Teams

Magical teams can make use of non-casters. If the non-casters are willing participants then calculate the “shares” of the drain by assigning 3 shares to each caster and 1 share to each non-caster. For example, if the team is a single caster and two non-casting particiapnts, then there are 5 total shares [3 for the caster and 2 for the non-casters].

If non-casters are unwilling, then the magical team must force the support by transforming an attribure of the person to Effort, e.g. Transform Will to Effort. As with other Transform spells each 10 unresisted power transforms 1 of the attribute into 1 Effort.