A familiar is a lesser demonic ally for a witch or a mage generally appearing as an imp or a small animal. It assists the witch with mundane tasks and can lend it’s Mana to the witch for spells. Familiars have not advanced yet to become fully fledged demons. They haven’t fully rid themselves of human-ness and haven’t rid themselves of their consciences yet. In game terms Familiars haven’t developed the ability to discern the Symphony themselves and haven’t been accepted / chosen a band yet. Like spirits, each demonling has a Force stat which all other stats are based off. Demonlings have no physical body, so they don’t have any physical attributes. All their mental attributes are equal to their Force. So, if the caster is trying to Summon a Force 5 familiar, the demonling will have Mana, Will, and Quickness of 5.

To obtain a familiar, the caster must cast a Summon Demon spell and then a Control Demon spell. The summon must be centered on either a mundane animal or a clay image (imp). The familiar will be summoned into the target of the spell. Thereafter, the Familiar will be able to use the physical body of the host as if it were it’s own. It still retains all it’s normal mental stats and abilities. The Control spell is a variant of the typical control spell but doesn’t need to be paid for as an extra specialty. The caster can choose to use a specialty of Control on Familiar if they want. Since the Demon is weightless and from another plane of existence, they resist the Summon with their Will+10. As mentioned in the Summon spell most summonings are done as part of a Spell Ceremony.

After the demon is summoned, it must be bound to the caster. This binding takes 1 CP per point of Will of the Demon + the cost of abilities and disabilities. The familiar will have a number of abilities and disabilities (combined) equal to it’s Force which are taken from the table below. For example, a Force 5 familiar may have 5 abilities; 4 abilities and 1 disability; 3 abilities and 2 disabilities; etc. You may also choose any mental ability or disability listed in the main list.


Cost Ability
5 Share Familiar’s Mana with the caster as required by the caster
5 Share senses of the Familiar
5 Sustain Spells. The caster casts the spell, but then the familiar controls it thereafter and pays any continued Mana drain
0 Empathic Link
10 Familiar is able to cast spells based on runes that the caster knows
10 Familiar can speak to others to the level of any languages known by the caster
15 Astral Sense. The Familiar has the ability to see Astrally. It cannot totally enter Astral Space anymore as it is bound to the physical body.
15 Alternate form. The familiar can take a second form.
 35 Enforced Lie. With this ability the Familiar can enforce a lie of the caster’s choice with the Familiar’s Will. This is accomplished through the Spell Form Illusion as one would any normal spell. The Familiar will be holding the spell and not the caster. Normal Drain rules apply.
30 Attune to person. This allows the familiar to “feel” where a person is at all times. This is accomplished through a Sense Person spell. Normal Drain rules apply.
50 Introduce Chaos. This ability breaks down reality at it’s lowest level. Treat this as a Break Reality spell, where the ability causes 1 hit point of damage/1 power. On non-living things 20 points of damage will destroy 1 AP. Victim’s will resist this spell with either their Will in the case of Mind attacks, or Con in the case of physical attacks. Normal Drain rules apply.
35 Enforced Emotion. With this ability the Familiar can enforce a lie of the caster’s choice with the Familiar’s Will. This is accomplished through the Spell Form Emotion as one would any normal spell. Victims will resist with their Will. The Familiar will be holding the spell and not the caster. Normal Drain rules apply.
40 Invoke Geas. The Familiar can invoke a Geas using the caster’s Ritual Magic skill and it’s own Will.
40 Body Hopping. The Familiar can “jump” from one body to another. The type of creature must be the same type of creature as before. It can also jump to Astral Space. Note that this ability does not automatically confer the “Astral Sense” ability. To see in Astral space, the familiar must leave the body and then return. During the time the familiar is out of it’s vessel, the vessel will revert back to a normal creature. It will be very, very scared because of the binding and will flee the area and hide. Body Hopping takes a potential drain of the familiar’s Force. Each Success on a Will roll, will reduce the drain by 1. This ability takes a full combat round to perform.
40 Steal Essence. This ability acts like a Tranform MF to MF spell and is resisted by the victim’s Mana. Since the MF is transferred, the victim will renew their MF over time normally. The MF can go to the caster or the Familiar, but not both (although a second spell could be used to send MF to the other being). Note that in no case can any being have more MF than 2xMana.


-2 / level The Familiar is fickle. To follow any request, the caster must win a contest of Wills with the familiar. The level of this acts as penalty to the caster.
-10 Pain link. The caster always feels the pains and joys of the familiar. This can lead to distractions during battles and … ahem … awkward reactions. This also means if the familiar is brought to less than 0 HP, the caster will be stunned for two rounds
-15 Reciprocal Wounds. Every HP, the familiar takes, the caster also takes.
-10 Range limited. After the Familiar is more than 1 kilometer away, no benefits of the familiar are available to the caster. (Disabilities still affect the caster).
-15 Compulsive Lieing
-10 Paranoia
-20 Cannot kill