Divine Magic

The divine spell casters believe that humans do not always know when is the right time, or how much is the right amount of a rune to cast. Some even go so far as to say that humans should not even posess the knowledge of runes. They believe that their gods have a much better perspective on these matters, and so they do not study the runes or magic. They merely ask their God(dess) for a boon.
Divine magic users do not cast magic directly. Instead they use the Magic Spell Use concentration of their Theology skill to pray to their Gods and/or goddesses for the spell via a prayer. The god’s or goddesses’s ability to answer this prayer depends on where (or when) the caster casts the spell, and their own predilections. Please note that there are no “free” concentrations with the Theology skill.
Divine casters have two types of spells: One-Use and Divine Prayers. For all spells, they decide which effect they want (radius, range, and effort) then pray to their deity. Calculate the Mana needed for that type of spell, and this equals the amount of segments needed to cast the spell. The power of the spell is equal to the God’s K (limited by the Caster’s Theology Skill) times the Effort put into the spell. The magic user then rolls their Theology skill.

One Use Spells

Emma, the priestess, wants to ask her goddess to stop her opponent. She begins to pray. The steps are as follows:
  • Determine Runes to use: Hold and Person
  • Determine the God’s K for either Rnue or Person by looking at the God’s chart. In this case it is 8
  • Determine Range, Radius, and Effort
    • Range: 4 meters away (2 MF)
    • Area of Effect / Radius: <3 cubic feet (0 MF)
    • Effort: 5
    • Power will equal the Effort times the lesser of Theology and K. Her Theology is 6, therefore Power = 5 x 6 = 30
    • Total potential drain = 2 + 0 + 5 = 7
  • Roll her Theology roll. Each success reduces drain. She rolls 5 successes and so takes 2 drain.
Area Modifier Area Modifier
Inner Sanctum +6 Bonus Inside Temple +4 Bonus
On Temple Grounds +2 Bonus Land where the god is Dominant +1 Bonus
Land where the god is a minority Neutral Land in an different pantheon1 1 Penalty
On another’s God’s Temple Grounds1 2 Penalty Inside another god’s temple1   4 penalty
In the inner sanctum of another god’s Temple1 6 penalty
1The other god may decide to waive these penalties if they choose. They may also chose to reduce the penalty at will.

Divine Prayers

Divine Prayers take hours to cast and are costlier than One-Use spells; however, they are permanent. The caster can pray for one prayer for every level that they have reached. The caster must stay in prayer a number of days equal to the MF needed for the spell. After that time, the caster will loose 1 Str and 1 Wgt permanently per 5 days in prayer. These points can be raised back up to their level with practice. Now, the caster rolls their Theology. The prayer can be recited any number of times without further cost, and take a number of action rounds equal to the MF. Divine prayers will not work outside the god or godesses terrain. The K value used is the same as for one user prayers. As the character increases their theology, the power of the spell also increases.