Astral Space

Astral Space is a dimension that surrounds and binds every object in the universe. This is the area where magic works and where the Runes live. Every thing that has Will has an Astral form, though most are not aware of this, nor do they know what an Astral form is. Willless things act as barriers in Astral Space that can not be seen through, but do not stop motion of the Astral Space through it. Each astral entity has an essence made up of it’s Astral Str, Dex, and Con. It’s total essence is the sum of these three. Once the entity’s essence has been reduced to zero it’s astral presence is destroyed. For purely astral beings, this means death. For creatures in both astral and mundane planes, the being is forced out of the Astral plane. The being’s mundane stats are considered to be zero and will recover at a rate of 1 per hour. In Astral Space, the character’s statistics are translated as follows:

Astral Stat Maximum
Strength = Will
Dexterity = Quickness
Constitution = MF
Secondary Statistics
Damage = Astral Str
Hit Points = Astral Con X 10
MR = Astral Dex
AP = Astral Theory

All Magic rolls are at -1 target number when on the Astral Plane. Existing spells have hit points equal to their Intensity.

To get to Astral Space, the character needs to use the skill Meditation. Meditating is considered to be interrupted if the character fails to achieve 1 success. If something occurs that might distract the character (A loud noise, being hit, or shaken, etc.) then the character must make a Meditation roll. If this will is failed then the meditation is interrupted, and all progress is lost. At the beginning of each half hour, an amount of essence equal to the character’s Astral Theory skill times the number if successes of the meditation roll can be moved into the Astral (The character can choose to put this essence into any of the Attributes). When your essence is fully moved to the Astral Plane you are able to move from your physical body. It is quite common for people not to put all of their essence on the Astral, but just have a look. Once on the Astral Plane, a meditation roll is made each hour. The number of success needed is equal to the number of hours Astral. For every success missed subtract 1 from the character’s MF (which results in a lowering of hit points equal per the formula). For example, at the end of the fourth hour, a character only rolls two successes. This means that their MF drops 2 points and therefore their hit points drop 2XAstral Theory points.

Moving on the Astral Plane

A character can move anywhere they like on the Astral Plane. As stated previously willless objects as as a barrier to sight, but not to movement; i.e. characters can ignore buildings and walls. If a
character is trying to note where they are in relation to the physical plane, then they will move at half their MR in meters/second. If the are only paying attention to the Astral Space (i.e. searching for someone on Astral Space) around them then they will move at their MR.

Characters can move at 10 times their MR if they are trying to achieve maximum speed. A character can recognize things that are within 10xCon meters of them.

Combat on the Astral Plane

In Astral Combat, characters strike out with their Will to kill an opponent. Combat on the Astral Plane is quick and deadly. One round is 1 second. Both characters strike out with their Will by rolling their Will. Each success is multiplied by the character’s Will, and the totals are subtracted. The result is then taken from the loser’s Essence. One success is needed for every 10m distance to the other person.