Prices: Weapons and Armor

Power Low Medium High Very High
0-40 4p 8p 16p 32p
40-50 3GD 18p 6GD 36p 12GD 72p 25GD 64p
50-60 4GD 52p 9GD 24p 18GD 48p 37GD 16p
60-70 6GD 26p 12GD 52p 25GD 24p 50GD 48p
70-80 8GD 20p 16GD 40p 33GD 0p 66GD 0p
80-90 10GD 34p 20GD 68p 41GD 56p 83GD 32p
90-100 12GD 68p 25GD 56p 51GD 32p 102GD 64p
Magic items are priced by the number of spells within the device as well as the demand for the item in question.