Prices: Transportation

All prices in gold dubloons (GD).

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Land Transportation

Item Price Notes
Cart, 2-wheel 6.25 Cargo area 4’x4′, drawn by 1 small animal (pony-sized)
Cart, 4-wheel 7.4 Cargo area 6’x6′, drawn by 2 small or 1 large animal
Coach, Small 10 Seats 2, drawn by team of 2 horses
Coach, Medium 14 Seats 4, drawn by team of 4 horses
Coach, Large 20 Seats 6, drawn by team of 6 horses
Coach, Small, Fancy 13 Seats 4, drawn by team of 4 horses
Coach, Fancy, Medium 24 Seats 6, drawn by team of 6 horses
Coach, Fancy, Large 34 Seats 8, drawn by team of 8 horses
Sledge 1.2 Transports up to 500 pounds
Wagon, Small 10 Cargo area 6’x8′, drawn by team of 4 small or 2 large animals
Wagon, Medium 14 Cargo area 8’x12′, drawn by team of 4 large animals
Wagon, Large 21 Cargo area 8’x16′, drawn by team of 6 large animals
Wagon Cover   Price is 20% of wagon cost

Small Boats

Item Price Notes
Barge/Raft, Small 2.2 6’x8′
Barge/Raft, Medium 3.5 8’x10′
Barge/Raft, Large 7 12’x16′
Rowboat, Small 1.1 Seats up to 9
Rowboat, Medium 3.8 Seats up to 12
Rowboat, Lg. (Longboat) 4.9 Seats up to 20
Sailboat, Small 7.5 1 mast, seats up to 3
Sailboat, Medium 11 1 mast, seats up to 6
Sailboat, Large 20 2 masts, seats up to 10

Ships (Info Below)

Type Price Notes (M=Common military modification) Picture
Dhow 30 Shallow-water vessel dhow
Ketch 35 Fast, shallow-water vessel ketch
Cutter 65 Shallow-water vessel cutter
Xebec 85 Shallow-water vessel xebec
Sloop 90 Very fast, shallow-water vessel sloop
Schooner 90 Fast, mid-water vessel (M=VIP transport) schooner
Yawl 145 Fast, mid-water vessel yawl
Caravel 175 Mid-water vessel (M=Troop Transport) Caravel
Corvette 190 Very fast, mid-water vessel (M=Pursuit) Corvette
Brigantine 240 Fast, mid-water vessel brigantine
Brig 245 Deep-water vessel brig
Clipper 285 Very fast, deep-water vessel clipper
Bilander 315 Mid-water cargo vessel Bilander
Barque 345 Deep-water vessel (M=Defense) barque
Carrack 495 Mid-water cargo vessel Carrack
Frigate 610 Deep-water vessel (M=Defense) frigate
Fleut 800 Deep-water cargo vessel fleut
Galleon 935 Deep-water cargo vessel galleon

|_. Type|_. Size|_. Speed|_. Cargo|_. Cost|




















# Size is relative, and determines which waterways and harbors the ship can access.

# Speed in mph, under ideal conditions (empty, good weather and wind, fully crewed, etc.). Much can affect the speed.

# Cargo is maximum load in tons.

# Cost is for individual passage / animal passage / shipping cost per ton / ship rental.

## All prices in bits per day, charged in advance based on pre-trip travel estimate.

## Ship rental does not include any passage, but does give right to dictate destination, route, etc.


Item Price Notes (Top maintainable speed, Oar Pairs) Picture
Galley 275 9.5 mph, 12 galleysm
Monoreme 350 11 mph, 18 galleymed
Bireme 525 8 mph, 24 galleyLg