County of Greyhawk

Administrative Breakdown

  • The Baronies are each ruled by a Baron who is a sworn vassal of the Count of Greyhawk.
  • The Provinces operate under administrative control of a Baronet, who is a sworn vassal of both the appropriate Baron and the Count.
    • The Provinces are named for four past Lord Mayors of the Independent City of Greyhawk.
    • The Provincial capital is a Keep, a walled complex that serves as a combination administrative seat, barracks and staging location for internal troops, and military headquarters.
      • The daily running of the Keep is given to a Sheriff, assisted by a Master-at-Arms, both of whom are members of the Order of the Lion.
    • Mavenshire is the private holding of the Count; however, the Count rarely bothers himself with direct administration of Mavenshire. Instead, he leaves the day-to-day decision-making in the hands of an appointed administrator.
      • The Provinces and Mavenshire are divided into boroughs. For simplicity, each borough is named for its chief population center. (Note: Exceptions are Greyhawk City and Hardby, which are not part of any borough.)
      • Each borough head is a Reeve who is selected by the Baronet or, in the case of Mavenshire, by the Count or his designated Administrator.
  • Borders
    • North – Nyr Dyv
    • West – Treaty line with Duchy of Urnst through Cairn Hills and Abbor-Alz
    • South – Wooly Bay
    • East – Selintan River
  • Capital – Greyhawk City
  • Leadership
    • Leader: Count Aphic, 1st Lord Greyhawk
      • Ruling Seat: Castle Greyhawk
      • Residences: Undre, Greysmere, and Orz
      • Apartments: Greyhawk City, Hardby
    • The Count’s Court – Ministers, advisors, and others appointed to help the Count run the country. Like most Courts, the composition of and appointment to the Court is strictly at the whim of the Count. The most senior members of the Court are typically given titles junior to the Count or inducted into the Order of the Lion.
    • County Council (meets 2x/year, advisory only, 19 members):
      • The Knight Grand Marshal of the Order of the Ram (Chair)
      • The Barons of Selintan and Amian
      • The Lord Mayor of Greyhawk City and Mayor of Hardby
      • The Defender Colonel
      • 13 public representatives (1 from the 3 largest towns in each Province, and 1 from the largest town in Mavenshire). Currently:
        • Elmshire (4000)
        • Fort Lehman (3900)
        • Greatrock (3500)
        • Greysmere (3400)
        • Arok’s Landing (3300)
        • Ryell Pass (3200)
        • Orz (3100)
        • Ford Keep (2900)
        • High Ery (2200)
        • Eiren’s Hall (2000)
        • Fort Harbor (2000)
        • Half Moon (1900)
        • Ogremound (1500)

County Greyhawk Ranks

Tier & PrecedenceRankLocations
5Lord MayorGreyhawkHardby
9Defender Colonel4.
14Defender Captain4.
Esquires17Defender Lieutenant4.
19Chief Constable4.
Gentlemen19Borough Reeve4.
20Defender of Greyhawk4.
Men of Standing22Patrolman4.
Commoners24Mustered Soldier4.
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