Greyhawk Information

Chronology Of The Human History Of The Flanaess

Year Event
Flan tribesmen are native to northern and western Flanaess
Aerdish tribesmen are native to southeastern Flanaess
187 Beginning of Oeridian immigration in central Flanaess
198 Beginning of the Suloise migration in southern Flanaess
223 Baklunish nomads begin migration accross northern Flanaess
c.270 Baklunish migration reaches farthest penetration
c.325 Oeridian migration reaches Aerdish lands
c.425 Suloise migraton reaches present-day barbarian lands
428 Aerdish tribes routed, founding of Kingdom of Aerdy
433 Bissel formed
447 Ahlissa and Gran March founded
523 Medegia founded
547 Keoland and Yeomanry founded
556 Tenh formed
583 Padrigal founded; Almor formed
593 Ratik founded
612 Pale founded
625 Veluna founded
627 Gran March allies with Keoland
650 Perrenland formed
657 Kingdom of Keoland formed
663 Shield Lands founded
702 Dyvers founded as Independent City
705 Furyondoy founded
717 Medegia overrun by Aerdy
719 Aerdy conquers Almor
720 Overking crowned in Rauxes, Founding of Aerdish Empire
763 Rel Astra founded as Independent City
775 Aerdy takes Pale
793 Keoland takes Veluna, Shield Lands, Furyondoy
812 Nyrond founded
830 Dyvers allies with Furyondoy
853 Caliphate of Ekbir formed (not actually in the Flanaess; included just for
informational purposes)
861 Keoland creates Sterich
874 Aerdy overruns Nyrond
885 Veluna, Shield Lands, Furyondoy break from Keoland; Kingdom of
Furyondoy founded
917 Aerdy annexes Ahlissa and Padrigal, renames them North and South
Provinces; creates Sunndi and Onnwal from parts of Ahlissa
943 Irongate founded as Independent City
944 Rel Astra joins Aerdy voluntarily, in return keeps Independent status
c.950 Aerdish Empire reaches peak of its power
952 Ice Barbarians formed
954 Snow Barbarians formed
975 Frost Barbarians formed
c.1000 Kingdom of Keoland reaches peak of its power
1004 Nyrond, Almor, Pale break from Aerdy; Kingdom of Nyrond and Duchy
of Urnst formed
1025 Keoland creates Geoff
1027 Aerdy re-takes Almor; creates Idee from part of South Province
1050 Sea Barons founded
1051 Idee, Sundee, Onnwal break free of South Province/Aerdy
1090 Irongate forms the Iron League
Sea Princes formed
1121 Sea Barons ally with Aerdy
1123 Iuz (Evil Demi-God) annihilates Bear Nomads and takes over their lands
1127 Nyrond re-takes Almor, Pale joins Kingdom of Nyrond
Lordship of the Isles founded, immediately joins Iron League
1142 Nyrond forms County of Urnst
Greyhawk founded as Independent City
1152 Bissel gains full independence (had often traded hands between Keoland
and Furyondoy
1154 Bissel cedes valley to Ciraline of Trigol, creates Valley of the Mage
1157 Humanoids form the Horned Society, take lands from Furyondoy
Humanoids take the Pomarj from the Tri-States of Ulek
1183 First rumors of Scarlet Brotherhood
1207 Humanoids take the Bone March from Aerdy
1210 ‘Yaroval’ wakes up in Bullin’s Glen
1211—1213 God Wars

All dates measured on the Flanae calendar. For equivalent dates, use the following formula:

  • Suloise Calendar = +4871 years
  • Olve Calendar = +3818 years
  • Bakluni Calendar = +2015 years
  • Oeridian Calendar = +1506 years
  • Common Year = -644 years (Common time is measured from the time of the crowning of the first Overking in Rauxes)