Slaadi (Slaad, singular) are frog-like natives of Limbo and well-known representatives of Chaos. Evolved or uplifted from the primordial soup of infinite potential, the belligerent batrachians were disorder given flesh and born carriers of chaos.[

As creatures of pure entropy, slaads exist to create disorder. Their hold on reality is tenuous at best. Their thoughts are clouded with maddening images, they seem aware of things beyond other creatures’ perceptions, and they attack without provocation.

Slaads propogate by planting embryos in their victims. As each embryo grows, the host creature succumbs to madness. Left untreated, the embryo transforms into a slaad tadpole that burrows out of its host’s skull, killing the host in the process. For this reason, most other intelligent creatures loathe and fear slaads.

A slaad tadpole matures into a full-sized adult slaad (of a random type) in 4-8 days. Until then, it feeds on whatever small prey it finds.

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Slaadi, in their base form, resembled large, bipedal frogs with long, sharp claws, wide mouths filled with pointed teeth and huge heads. Embedded in most of their skulls was a gemstone the size and shape of a human child's fist, a jewel that shared their color and that could be seen beneath their forehead skin. Looking closely, one could see that symbols were carved into the shard, markings unique to the slaad which could be used to determine its past kills, conquests, duels and other deeds. If one could decipher the meaning of the tattoo, it could be used to determine the relative strength of the slaad, with other slaads being able to immediately identify the slaad by their mark.

Despite generally sharing the same basic, if baffling, appearance, slaadi were nonetheless creatures of chaos and so no two were exactly identical. They always had at least mild differences in height, build and eye position even within their own subtype, some breeds being human-sized and gangly while others were huge and muscular, and many possessed even more distinguishing traits.

Other potential differences included additional body parts and organs, features of greater or lesser size, various body types, and wholly unique features like horns, scales, tails and hair. More outlandish traits, such as blade-like claws, wings whether functional or not, and even a medusa's snake-like hair, were also fully possible. It was also possible that, given that some of the more powerful slaadi had polymorphing abilities which allowed them to transform into humanoids, often those of their original hosts, that one might not even recognize a slaad upon meeting them.

Red Slaad

Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl
S 9 W 12 Hgt 22 R 10 Ready 2
D 12 Q 8 Wgt 35 Skill 10 (Claws) / 10 (Bite) Damage 3
C 10 M 5 HP 90 Init 15+10 AP 15


Even the more magically inclined slaadi possessed dangerous levels of strength, able to rip apart most with magically empowered tooth and claw. Slaadi were also known to have the power to summon others slaads with various levels of reliability. They were also incredibly durable, possessing a healing factor strong enough that they could recover from near-lethal wounds, and being resistant to a large array of elements including acid, cold, electricity and fire, on top of being immune to sonic forces.

Whether or not they could regenerate lost body parts was debated since there were reports of their heads exploding and then reforming a short time afterwards. Certain slaad mutations could grant them unique abilities, such as a petrifying gaze, breath weapon, pustules of oozing or steaming toxins on their backs or greater magical powers.

Red Slaad

Leaping Pounce Slaadi can jump 5 meters and attack with both claws at the same time.

Horrid Croak Slaadi can bellow which acts like a Cause Fear spell (Level 7 Skill; Expect 5 drain) (AoE: 3m radius; Range: 0; Effort: 3) See the Fear page. This requires 3 Ss.


The toad-like form of the slaadi belied their agility and combat prowess, as they were skilled fighters and deadly predators. Though they thoroughly enjoyed fighting in melee, typically with their claws and fangs, they were smart enough to use their supernatural powers when needed, although they were often hesitant to summon other slaads since they were wary of their own kind and so only did so in emergencies.

Outside of hunting animals in Limbo, slaadi fought to prove their greatness, their reverence for strength drastically impacting their fighting coordination, or rather, their lack of any. When fighting in groups, whether hunting animals or battling sentients, slaads never actually cooperated, instead taking turns. When they outnumbered their enemies, they would wait until the first slaad was defeated, typically sending in the weakest first to gauge the foe's strength, after which another would get to duel and so on. This sense of fair play meant that it was possible for one incredibly skilled warrior to defeat an entire horde of slaads, prompting the remaining slaadi to, in accordance to their beliefs, recognize the victor as their better and obey their rightful command.

This mindset could also make fighting slaads incredibly annoying, primarily because they rarely ever ran away. Even defeating the toughest among them could prompt rivals and would-be leaders to challenge them for control, a persistence made irritating for anyone with urgent matters to attend to. Once dominance was established, there was a good chance that the slaads would go find even more powerful slaad to test the being that defeated them. Their idealism in regards to strength also meant that against individually weaker foes, even when drastically outnumbered and being mowed down, they would continue to fight, convinced that their superior strength would win the battle.