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Worgs, despite the higher intelligence and demonic traits, tend to act, for the most part, like regular wolves. They stalk around in dark forests and gloomy plains, hunting in packs (though they are also sometimes solitary). Lone worgs tend to hunt creatures smaller than themselves, while packs hunt large game. They attack with their teeth, and also have the benefit of stealth and keen senses. Worgs bring gloom and menacingness wherever they go, and are said to have connections with demons.

A typical worg has gray or black fur, grows to 5 feet long and stands 3 feet tall at the shoulder. It weighs 300 pounds. More intelligent than their smaller cousins, worgs speak their own language. Some can also speak Common and Goblin.


Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl
S 12 W 5 Hgt 25 R 9 Ready 7
D 12 Q 7 Wgt 23 Skill 7+3 Damage 3
C 8 M 4 HP 66 Init 13+3 AP 51

1When a worgs attacks, it will bite and not let go. Instead, it will fall to the ground, using its weight to pull the victim onto the ground. To get the victim, roll a contested Dex test, with the half the difference of Wgt as bonus dice. For example, against a Wgt 18 person, the worgs would get 2 bonus dice.