Will o' the Wisp

The will o'wisp is a malevolent spirit entity that makes its home in swamps, bogs, and moors. It subsists by luring unsuspecting creatures to their deaths amid the natural hazards of such places and feeding on the energies which their death struggles release.

When encountered in the wild, will o'wisps normally appear as faintly glowing balls of light. They can alter their own color, shape, and size to some extent and can be easily mistaken for lanterns, light spells, and similar sources of artificial illumination.

If they do not attack, will o'wisps are able to utterly blank out their glows, rendering them invisible to all those who cannot spot invisible objects, for up to ten minutes.

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Stat Lvl Stat Lvl
S 0 W 5 HP Variable Dam special Init NA
D 15 Q 5 Hgt 0 R 10 Skill NA
C 0 M 1+ Wgt 0 AP Immune to normal weapons Ready 0

Special Attack

The Wisp doesn't attack its victims in the traditional way. Rather it feeds from the pychic energies given off by the fearful and dieing. For every level of fear of HP damage to sentients within 20 meters of the Wisp, the Wisp gains 5 hit points. Additionally, the Wisp gains 1 Mana for each point of HP Damage done to sentients. Wisp's have the ability to create very realistic illusions which either lead victims into deadly traps or snares or into the lairs of monsters.


The Wisp can create illusions using the same rules as Form Illusion. The do this through Force of Will, so as they become stronger their illusions become better.

Mana Sphere Radius Power Drain Effects
1 1m 20 1 2 modalities; 2 Ss to disbelieve
2 2m 20 2 2 modalities; 2 Ss to disbelieve
3 3m 20 3 2 modalities; 2 Ss to disbelieve
4-5 4m 20 4 2 modalities; 2 Ss to disbelieve
6-7 4m 30 6 3 modalities; 3 Ss to disbelieve
8-9 4m 40 8 4 modalities; 4 Ss to disbelieve
10-11 4m 50 10 5 modalities; 5 Ss to disbelieve

Above 11, the Wisp can either increase the size of the sphere (6m, 8m, 12m, 17m, 24m) or, more often, create more than one illusion.