Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. The Vampire will regenerate unless it’s head is cut off or a stake is driven through it’s heart. In addition, direct sunlight halts regeneration, making it easier to being killed through normal means.

Vampirism is a disease that affects the CON. It has a POTency of 2 and a weakening of 1. This means that any human or humanoid bitten must roll a Con roll, getting 8 success. Each encountered point lowers the victim’s CON by 1. Each week the disease weakens by 1. This disease is cumulative so, each bite adds another 2 power. One or even two bites generally does not make a vampire.

Vampires must drink blood to maintain their regenerative abilities. Vampires can drink human, demi-human, or even animal blood for sustenance and to maintain their spiritual power. They can eat physical food, though there is no pleasure of sustenance from it. Animal blood is not a sufficient diet. A vampire can survive for extended periods without human or demi-human blood, but may be driven insane by the experience.

Though unable to do many of the mystical abilities often credited to vampires, vampires retain the abilities to cast and use magic. Typically, a vampire priest will be cut off from their god, but in some cases the god continues to allow them to use divine prayers.

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Vampires’s stats are the same as their hosts with the following bonuses:

* Str +5
* Dex +5
* MF +5
* PF +5
* Regeneration: CON HP/turn
* Unaging
* Acute Smell 5
* Acute Hearing 5
* Voice 5
* Addicted to Blood. Must feed daily.