A skeleton is a magical construct that exists only until the magic powering it runs out or the skeleton is destroyed. Skeletons have a 0 for Will and Mana, or personalities of their own. Strength and Dexterity are decided by the caster when they are created. Their weight is 15% of their normal living weight. As such, attempts to control a skeleton’s mind or influence its personality will automatically fail. Skeletons are also immune to disease, fatigue and poisons. Skeletons are immune to damage from impaling-only weapons (spears, arrows, thrust only rapiers, etc.).  Most skeletons arc the dead remains of humans or humanoids, but it is entirely possible to encounter a skeleton formed from the remains of any creature with a bone structure. A skeleton has the same Quick and Dex the creature had in life, but as a skeleton it cannot fly or swim (if the creature had those abilities while alive). Skeletons never suffer Fatigue

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Base S D C W Q M HP R Hgt Wgt Skill Init Ready Damage AP
Human 1-10 1-10 1-10 0 1-10 0 22 7 13-18 1-4 7 7+3 3 4 8