Ochre Jelly

An ochre jelly can grow to a volume of 20 m3 ,but rarely can sustain a height of greater than 0.25m (~10 inches).  They can shrink down as small as 0.01m (~0.5 inch).  An ochre jelly attempts to envelop and squeeze its prey. Once it is in contact with it’s victim it will secret a powerful acid.

Slashing Weapons

Jellies take minimal damage from slashing  weapons. The first two successes from these weapons will cause the jelly to separate around the weapon. The third success will separate the piece from the jelly causing another to be created. Damage from slashing weapons therefore are calculated as (Ss-3) x damage. A jelly’s minimum size is 1 cubic meter. After that just calculate damage as (Ss-2) x damage.

Piercing Weapons

Piercing weapons do very little damage to jellies. Damage from piercing weapons are calculated as (Ss-3) x damage.

Crushing Weapons

Crushing weapons do a lot of damage to jellies. They will tear the creature apart into too many small pieces to retain life. Damage from piercing weapons are calculated as Ss x (damage x 2).

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S D C W Q M HP R Hgt Wgt Skill Init Ready Damage AP
8 2 10 2 2 1 5 per m3 2 0.25 10 per m3 6 5+5 2 2/Ss + 1 per m3 from acid 0