There are a variety of minor infernal celestials, who are Hellish spirits lesser than demons. They are commonly referred to as “demonlings.” While seemingly inconsequential, prudent demons know to keep an eye on them at times … Demonlings who claw their way up the ladder typically “fledge” into demons at Force 8, earlier than Relievers, who require Force 10 Forces to become a full angel. This reflects the fact that Hell is more interested in quantity than quality. Demonlings have no body and are Astral-Only beings. Demons and demonlings are created from evil souls. The first step on the path to becoming a demon is to be tortured until all humanity has been driven out of the entity. This process can take anywhere from 100-200 years. They haven’t fully rid themselves of human-ness and haven’t rid themselves of their consciences yet. Once that occurs, they are a minor demon and on a path to being added to a band.

The power of a Demonling is based on their Force, typically from 1-10. Demonlings are built as follows:

  • Will, Quickness, and Will per the chart below
  • Abilities / Disabilities:
    • No Physical Abilities / Disabilities
    • No limit to disabilities
  • Skills
    • Up to 50xF points in skills
    • Mandatory Skills and Minimum Levels:
      • Verbal Demon Tongue Enochian (Angels) Level: F
      • Demonic Etiquette Level: F/4

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Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl Stat Lvl
S N/A W F Hgt N/A R F Ready Variable
D N/A Q 2xF Wgt N/A Skill F Damage Variable
C N/A M F HP Fx10 Init 4xF+F bonus AP N/A