Death Dog

A mix between a dog and a human created by the mages of the Horned Society. They retain the intelligence of the base human and the physical stats of the dog. They retain the size of the human, but take the form of a dog. The rune used is “Merge” a combination of create and transform. Like Create it is instantaneous and the new creation feels an allegiance to it’s creator. Death Dogs exist mainly on the Astral and Physical planes. As such, they are very resistant to mundane attacks. In game terms, they have 25 AP.

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S 12
D 12
C 7
W [Human’s Stat]
Q [Human’s Stat]
M [Human’s Stat]
HP 60
R [Human’s Stat]
Hgt [Human’s Stat]
Wgt [Human’s Stat]
Skill 7
Init 7+3
Ready 3
Damage 4
AP 25