A CUNNING SUBTERRANEAN HUNTER, the balhannoth distorts nearby reality with its very presence. It moves on six long tentacles instead of legs, and from between its shoulders protrudes a slavering mouth full of jagged, ripping teeth. The balhannoth is opportunistic and sometimes waits for hours in ambush or stalks prey across many miles. Once it decides to attack, the balhannoth uses reality shift to teleport adjacent to its prey and uses its whipping tentacles to pull some enemies closer while pushing others back. It continues to use reality shift in subsequent rounds, dazing enemies that get too close and teleporting to more advantageous locations.

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S 20 W 2 Hgt 10 HP 20 Init ..
D 18 Q 2 Wgt 5 R 10 Ready
C 15 M 2 AP 2 Skill .. Damage