Martial Arts

If using Martial Arts Rules, the Unarmed Combat Tables aren’t used. Instead all combats, must pick a martial arts style from the chart below. This chart shows Required Maneuvers, Preferred Maneuvers, Optional Maneuvers, and required skills. When a character increases their skill, they must specialize in one of the maneuvers listed in Required Skills. They must pick one they don’t know yet. Once all required maneuvers are selected at least, the character may feel free to choose any maneuver from the preferred or required columns. At the next level, they may choose any maneuver they wish. This system enforces the different martial arts styles and their preferences.

For example, Martin is a white belt in Aikido. In game terms, he is a level 1. He chooses Grapple for his first Maneuver. He studies more and gains another level. At this level, he must choose to specialize in another maneuver. He chooses Pivot Throw. For the two maneuvers, he’s learned, he will be at a +1. However, any other maneuver he chooses will be at a -1.

The optional column also shows some maneuvers are forbidden from use by that style. Mind you, this doesn’t bar someone from performing this maneuver. However, they will be at a -4 penalty doing these maneuvers. It is possible for a character to have one style that forbids the use of one skill, while another style allows it. In these cases, the character may use the maneuver without a -4 penalty, but must use the skill of the style that allows it.

In addition to studying Aikido, Martin is an ex-collegiate Boxer. He has Boxing 5. This allows him to use the jab at level 5; something he hasn’t learned in Aikido at all. However, Boxing doesn’t allow Pivot Throws. If her were trying this without Aikido training, he would have a 5-4 skill; most likely he would fail. However, he can use 2+1, based on his Aikido training.

Action Rounds

With Martial arts maneuvers, the “ready” of all actions is 2. On each turn, the character may choose to perform one complex or two simple actions. This would allow them, for example to throw a “1-2” punch like a Hand Strike followed by a Roundhouse. They also could choose to use a single complex maneuver, like a Jab or a Single Leg Takedown. Trying a Single Leg Takedown without eliminating all your opponents defenses might force you to eat two of those one-two punches! The list of Maneuvers details each maneuver, the damage done by that maneuver, and whether it is a complex or a simple action.

Skill Required Preferred Optional Skills
Aikijutsu (Aikido) Pivot Throw, Grapple, Hip Toss Disarming, Sweep, Locks, Throws, Holds Hand Strikes Break fall
Boxing Hand Strike, Jab, Feint Parry, Aggressive Parry, Dodge, Roundhouse None
Capoeira Feint, Leg Sweep, Spin Kick Kicks Any Tumbling
Chin Na Grapple, Joint lock, Joint Lock Punches, Locks, Throws, Holds Any Kick Pressure Points
Gojo Ryu Aggressive Parry, Sweep, Knee Strike Any Any None
Hapkido Front Kick, Back Kick, Jump Kick Kicks Punches, Locks, Throws, Holds
Is Shin Ryu Aggressive Parry, Front Kick Any No Spin Kick, Jump Kick, or Flying Jump None
Jeet Kune Do Feint Any Any
Jujitsu (Judo) Grapple, Joint Lock, Back Kick Locks, Throws, Holds or Hand Strike Kicks Pressure Points
Kalari Grapple, Joint Lock, Elbow Strike Any Punch, Locks, Throws, Holds Any Kick
Karate Hand Strike, Front Kick, Back Kick Hand Strikes and Kicks Any, but Locks, Throws, Holds None
Kempo Spin Kick, Front Kick, Joint Lock Locks, Throws, Holds, Subduing Strikes Any
Kick boxing Hand Strike, Front Kick, Jab Parry, Aggressive Parry, Dodge, Roundhouse None
Kuntao Front Kick, Back Kick, Arm Lock Locks, Throws, Holds and Punch Any
Military Hand-to-Hand Disarm, Hand Strike Locks, Throws, Holds, Punches, Grapple Attacks, Ear Clap Any Stealth, Spear
Muay Thai Hook Kick, Elbow Strike, Knee Strike Any (Including Starred) Any
Ninjutsu Any Any Any Stealth, Climbing
Pakua Dodge, Pivot Throw, Joint Lock Locks, Throws, Holds or Defense No Strikes or Kicks
Pentjak Silat Sweep, Elbow Strike, Any All Law
Police Hand-to-Hand Grapple, Joint Lock, Pivot Throw Hand Strikes All but Kicks
Savate Front Kick, Back Kick Kicks Any, No Locks, Throws, Holds, or Grapple Attacks None
Self-Defense None All Starred No Flashy Maneuvers None
Shaolin Kung Fu Feint, Front kick, Back Kick Kicks Any None
Sumo Grapple, Pivot Throw, Grapple Only Locks, Throws, Holds None None
T’ai Chi Chuan Grapple, Hip Toss, Pivot Throw Locks, Throws, Holds and Hand Strikes No Kicks None
Tae Kwon Do Front Kick, Back Kick Kicks and Punches No Locks, Throws, Holds
White Crane Dodge, Spin Kick, Jump Kick Hand Strikes and Kicks No Locks, Throws, Holds
Wing Chun Jab, Knee Strike, Elbow Strike Any, except High kicks, Jump Kicks, and Spin Maneuvers None None
Wrestling Grapple, Grapple Locks, Throws, Holds, Dodge None
Wushu Hook Kick, Crescent Kick Kicking, and Spinning Back Fist Any None