Characters will normally heal every week. In order to determine how much they have healed, roll a Con roll. The number of successes indicates the number of hit points healed. Healing is a slow process that needs rest to properly be done. If the character is moving about and working normally, add 1 penalty die. If the characters are working strenuously, add 2 penalty dice, and finally if the characters are not in a warm comfortable place add 2 more penalty dice.

Moving someone when injured

If a character is injured and participates in strenuous activity, they must make a CON roll to avoid taking damage from tearing healing tissue. For every 5 hit points, they are hurt, they must gain a
success on a healing roll. For each missed success, they will lose one hit point. This roll is made every hour or portion thereof that the character takes part in activity. Any major jarring will force
another roll. Damage will continue to accrue each hour until the character is healed or has his wounds bound again.

For example, if a character is injured 25 hit points and rides three hours and is then ambushed and fights his way out, he would roll four CON rolls. The first one will require him to get 5 successes. For our example, we’ll assume that the character has a CON of 5. On the first roll, he gets 3 success and so takes another 2 damage. After the second hour, he is damaged 27 HP and so still requires 5 success to avoid more damage. Please note that he will continue to accrue the fist 2 points until healed, even if further rolls show no more damage. On his second roll, he gets 3 more successes and, therefore, loses another 2 HP/hour. At the end of the third third hour, he loses another 4 HP and now has lost 31 points. He now needs 6 successes. He only rolls 1 success and so loses another 5 HP. He now has 36 hit points damage. After the battle, he will roll again needing 7 successes. After he dispatches his opponent, he rolls 3 successes on his CON roll and therefore loses another 8 HP. He collapses on the ground having now taken a total of 48 HP of damage. He will continue to lose 8 HP/hour until healed or he has his wounds bound.

Healing Salves

Apothecaries sell healing salves and healing potions for public consumption. Healing salves cut the time needed to heal the wound. The amount that the time is cut is equal to the one-third the potency of the salve. For example, a salve with a potency of 3 would cut the time need for a healing roll down by 2, i.e. 1 week/2 (in Harath this would be 5 days/2 or a healing roll every 60.0 hours. A salve generally lasts for 2-4 hours per dose, and takes 1 full turn to apply.

Healing potions, on the other hand increase the body’s Con for healing rolls temporarily. The Con is raised by a factor equal to the potency, i.e. a Potency 5healing potion would raise the Con by 5 for healing rolls. Healing potions havethe effect of making one sleepy. Make an unmodified Con roll against the Potency to become tired. For each success that is missed, subtract 1 from every skill for the duration of the potion. Potions generally last 6 hours, and take 10 strike ranks to ingest.

Healing Potions

These potions work much as do the generic healing potions, but they only add half their potency to the person’s Con for the disease fight. The person diagnosing the disease does have to diagnose it correctly, or the treatment will not work as effectively.

Randi went to a healer after the first week, instead of toughing it out. The healer brewed a Potency 4 potion. The following is the details of the battle(Randi now has an effective Con of 8).

Week Dis. Pot # Succ Mana
1 5 3 9-5+3 = 7
2 5 4 7-5+4 = 6

3 5 7 6-5+7 = 8
4 5 5 8-5+5 = 8
5 10 8-5+10 = 9 -5 Pot