As stated previously any time an attacker actually does damage to a person, the defender subtracts their armor points for the armor they are wearing from the damage first. The following chart shows the armors that are available and the armor points for each type of armor.

Armor Type


Armor Type

Soft Leather(1) 3 1 0.5 Hard Leather 3 2 0.5
Cuirboli / Gambeson (1) 3 3 0.5 Bezainted(2) 3 4 1
Ringmail(2) 3 5 1 Scalemail 3 6 2
Chainmail(2) 3 7 2 Platemail 3 8 2.75
Flak Clothing (1) 6 6 0.75 Flak Jacket (1) 5 5 0.5
Kevlar Clothing (1) 7 7 0.5 Kevlar Jacket (1) 7 6 0.5
Kevlar Vest (1) 7 5 0.5 Lined Coat 8 8 1
Light Form Fitting Body Armor (1) 8 9 0.5 Moderate Form Fitting Body Armor 8 10 0.75
Heavy Form Fitting Body Armor 8 11 1 Light Military Armor 8 10 1
Heavy Military Armor 8 15 2 Light Security Armor 8 12 0.5
Medium Security Armor 8 14 1 Heavy Security 8 15 2
(1) Can be worn under any armor greater than cuirboli    
(2) These armors can be worn under plate mail    


Armors that can be worn under other armor, add their full armor points and one-quarter encumbrance values just as normal armor does. Use the encumbrance rules to determine if the fatigue rate of the character changes. Armor encumbrance is determined by the size of the armor and by the type of armor where Total Encumbrance is equal to the size X encumbrance points. Size is equal to the average of the character’s height and weight
Sir Lyandyke always fully equips himself for war by donning his platemail, bezainted, and soft leather armor. He has a size of 16, so the encumbrance for his armor is 44 for the platemail, 16 for the bezainted, and 8 for the leather. This makes a total of 68 encumbrance if carried. Fortunately he is wearing it so it’s relative encumbrance is only 17 kg. A man Lyandyke’s size can carry 12 Kg as an average; therefore, he is 1.5X average weight or 6 fourths. He will loose 6 PF.

Soft Leather

Soft leather is a rough equivalent of a leather jacket or vest. It is common among ordinary folk. Soft leather is often worn under armor as additional padding or protection.

Hard Leather

Hard leather is equal to approximately 5mm of leather. It is used by those who cannot afford, or have not been provided by their Cult with, more protective armor. It has the consistency of the leather used in modern shoe soles. Most uncut hides approximate the protective quality of hard leather.


A gambeson is a padded defensive jacket, worn as armour separately, or combined with mail or plate armour. It also doubled as a winter coat for wearers. Gambesons were produced with a sewing technique called quilting. Usually constructed of linen or wool, the stuffing varied, and could be for example scrap cloth or horse hair. During the 14th century, illustrations usually show buttons or laces up the front.


When boiled in water or wax, this leather can be molded into any desired shape and left to harden. After that, it cannot be reshaped without breaking. The long and tedious process of cuir bouilli making makes it similarly priced to some metal armor.


This is soft leather armor with metal disks that resemble the bezant, a medieval coin, fastened on. This is generally made more quickly than cuirbouilli, although it commands a greater price due to the extra cost of the metal.

Ring Mail

Like bezainted armor, this is soft leather or some other backing with metal sewn to it. This metal is in the form of rings like those found in chainmail. The rings tend to be closer together than those on bezainted armor, making for both more weight and better protection. Ringmail takes more work than the simple disks of bezainted armor and costs more.

Scale Mail

This type of armor consists of scales of various sizes fastened to a backing. The overlapping (shingling) metal protects well but adds to the weight.

Chain Mail

Often referred to as chainmail, this type of armor consists of metal links that are woven together to form the body of mail armor. It is stronger and more durable than forms that depend on non-metal (i.e., weaker) backing. The all-metal construction makes it heavier than scale and costlier as well.

Plate Mail

Generally solid plates of metal, held together with leather straps that are covered with the metal. It is the best kind of armor for spreading the impact of a blow and for absorbing damage, but the solid metal construction makes it the heaviest form, and it is very hot to fight in.

Encumbrance/Size point

Enc per Point






Soft/Hard Leather, Cuirboli

Bezainted, Ringmail

Scalemail, Chainmail


2.5 5 10 13.75  
6 3.0 6 12 16.50
7 3.5 7 14 19.25
8 4.0 8 16 22.00
9 4.5 9 18 24.75
10 5.0 10 20 27.50
11 5.5 11 22 30.25
12 6.0 12 24 33.00
13 6.5 13 26 35.75
14 7.0 14 28 38.50
15 7.5 15 30 41.25
16 8.0 16 32 44.00
17 8.5 17 34 46.75
18 9.0 18 36 49.50
19 9.5 19 38 52.25
20 10.0 20 40 55.00