Advanced Weaponry

Damage and Recoil Bases

For weapons not on this list, please use the following chart to identify base numbers:

Base DamCaliberBase DamCaliber
90.20/5.56 mm2950 mm
100.22/6.21 mm3054 mm
110.27/7.62 mm3160 mm
120.306/8.65 mm3264 mm
130.357/10.00 mm3368 mm
140.38/11.00 mm3472 mm
150.416/11.75 mm3578 mm
160.44/12.43 mm3684 mm
170.472/13.33 mm3790 mm
180.50/14.12 mm3896 mm
1916 mm39102 mm
2018 mm40108 mm
2121 mm41116 mm
2224 mm42124 mm
2327 mm43132 mm
2430 mm44140 mm
2534 mm45150 mm
2638 mm46160 mm
2742 mm47170 mm
2846 mm48180mm

Firing Modes and Recoil

A gun can be fired in one of three modes of fire; Single shot (SS), Semi-Automatic(SA) and Fully Automatic (FA). Single shot weapons can be fired a minimum of 2 segments apart, while semi- and full auto weapons can be fired 1 segment apart. Recoil increases by 1 for each bullet fired.

Recoil can be reduced several ways. Gas Venting (G# on the chart) reduces the recoil of each bullet by the number. Unfortunately, this also slows the bullet causing the damage done to be reduced a like amount. Adding a shoulder stock to a gun will reduce recoil by 1. Folding stocks reduce recoil only when their stocks are unfolded and in use. Silencers also vent gases and so reduce the damage of the weapon by 1. You can combine a silencer and a gas-vent system.

Hold-Out Pistols

Streetline SpecialSA0.226C98 
Tiffani Self-DefenderSA0.224C98 
Walther Palm PistolSA5.562K108 

Light Pistol

Ares CrusaderSAFA50.2240C7 128G1
Ares Light Fire 70SA0.2216C88Si
Ceska Black ScorpionSAFA50.2225C8 128FS
Ceska Black ScorpionSAFA80.2235C8 168FS
Colt TexasSS0.346O136 
Colt America L36SA0.229C98 
Beretta 101TSA5.5610C108 
Beretta 200STSAFA55.5626C10 158SS
Ceska vz/120SA5.5618C108 
Fichetti Security 500SA5.5610C108 
Fichetti Security 550SA5.5622C108 
Seco LD-120SA0.2212C98LS

Heavy Pistol

Ares PredatorSA0.35710C138 
Browning Max-PowerSA0.3578C138 
Browning Ultra-PowerSA0.4410C168LS
Colt ManhunterSA0.4516C168LS
Rem. RoomsweeperSS0.4166M158 
Ruger Super WarhawkSS0.386O148LS
Smith & Wesson VictorySS0.386K148

Assault Rifle

AK-98 CarbineSAFA37.6222C118FS G1
Colt M22a2SAFA30.2240C108G1 S1 LS
HK G11A37SAFA87.6232C118SS
HK G12A3zSAFA87.6232C118G2 LS SS
Samopal vz88VSAFA77.6235C118G2 LS S2 SS
Steyr AUG-CSSAFA107.6240C118G1 LS

Hunting Rifles

Remington 750SS7.55M118S1
Remington 950SS9.55M128S1
Ruger 100SS105M138S3
Steyr AUG-CSSA7.6240C118G1 LS

Sniper Rifles

Ranger Arms SM-3SS0.4166M158Si S3 Th LL
Walther MA 2100SS0.4168M158Si


Defiance T-250SA0.3065M128 
Enfield AS7SA0.30610C128LS
Mossberg CMDTSA0.3068C128LS
Mossberg CMDT/SMSAFA0.3068C12 158 

Submachine Guns

AK-97 SMGFA77.6222C118 
Beretta Model 70FA77.6235C118LS Si
UziFA77.6216C118FS LS
H&K HK227FA70.2220C108FS LS G2
H&K HK227SFA70.2216C108FS LS Si
H&K MP-5TXFA77.6220C118G2 LS
Imgram MK22FA77.6216C118FS
Imgram 20TFA77.6232C118G2
Sandler TMPFA70.2220C108FS
SCK Model 100FA77.6230C118Si
Steyr AUG-CSFA70.2240C108G1 LS

Light Machine Guns

Ares MPFA70.3850C148HB G2
GE Vindicator MinigunFA70.3850C148r4
Ingram Valiant LMGFA70.38100B148HB G2
Steyr AUG-CSFA77.6240C118G1

Medium Machine Guns

FN MAG-5FA70.47250X178G2 r6

Heavy Machine Gun

Stoner-Ares M107 GPFA100.5040C188G3 r5

Heavy Weaponry

Subtract 1 from the power of these weapons/meter away from the blast


Weapon Class Caliber RoF Ammo Damage Range TL Notes
M366 SS 60mm 26 1K 28 400    
M89 SS 81mm 30 1K 32 450    
Vasilek Valiant SS 82mm 30 1K 32 450    

Grenade Launchers

Weapon Class Caliber RoF Ammo Damage Range TL Notes
M303 SS 30 mm 19 2O 20 22 40  
MARK-29 SA,FA 29 mm 19,29 50B 23,33 20 300  
AGS-34 PLAMYA SA,FA 34 mm 20,30 30B 25,35 20 170  
RPG Class Caliber RoF Ammo Damage Range TL Notes
RPG-44 SS   22 1O 27 20 200 Disposable RPG
RPG-36 SS   22 2O 26 20 800  

Recoilless Artillery

M128SS90 mm01O3410400m 
M80a4SS106 mm01O3610400m 
M85 LAWSS66mm01X3010200Disposable AVM
Armbrust-XETSS 04X30104004 Bonus: Th
TOW-IIISS 02X30103204 Bonus: Th
Tank Breaker-IISS 02X30103004 Bonus: Th
Free RocketSS122 mm01X39102501 Bonus: Th
7.62 mm RocketAF 020C315150All rockets fire
12.7 mm RocketAF 010C265300All rockets fire
HE MissileSS 01X30101503 Bonus: Th
HE RocketSS 01X3010150 

Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Weapon Class Caliber RoF Ammo Damage Range TL Notes
Fang-5XY SS   0 2X 30 10 600 4 Bonus: Th
Javelin-2XE SS   0 2X 30 10 600 3 Bonus: Th
SA-24 SS   0 2X 30 10 600 2 Bonus: Th
Long Range SAM SS   0 4O 30 10 500 4 Bonus:

Air-Air Missiles

Weapon Class Caliber RoF Ammo Damage Range TL Notes
Saab Saaker Basic 1 18D 1 CF 25,000 4,000 m Int: 6  
Saab Saaker Advanced 1 18D 2 CF 50,000 4,000 m Int: 7  
Hyundai-CSA Basic 1 18D 1 CF 100,000 4,000 m Int: 8  
Hyundai-CSA Advanced 1 18D 2 CF 150,000 4,000 m Int: 9  
Ares Dragon Basic 1 18D 1 CF 500,000 4,000 m Int: 8  
Ares Dragon Advanced 1 18D 2 CF 1.5M 4,000 m Int: 9  

Air-Ground Missiles

Weapon Class Caliber RoF Ammo Damage Range TL Notes
Mitsubishi Basic 1 20D 1 CF 25,000 4,000 m Int: 6  
Mitsubishi Super 1 20D 2 CF 50,000 4,000 m Int: 6  
Anti-Personnel Missile 1 16D 1 CF 2,500 1,500 m Int: 3 Use Flechette Rules
Anti-Personnel Rocket 1 16D 1 CF 1,000 1,500 m Int: 0 Use Flechette Rules

Ammo Types
C = Clip
K = Break
M = Magazine
O = Cylinder
B = Belt
X = Box

Special Notes
FA# = Bulets fired on Full Auto
FS = Folding Stock
SS = Shoulder Stock
Si = Silencer
LL = Low Light
Th = Thermographic
GL = Grenade Launcher
G1 = Gas-Vent 1
G2 = Gas-Vent 2
G3 = Gas-Vent 3
S1 = Scope 1
S2 = Scope 2
S3 = Scope 3
HB = Hip Brace
r# = Recoil Reduction +#
LS = Laser Sight

All missiles fire at once, Multiply missiles hitting by 3D
All missiles fire at once, Multiply missiles hitting by 7D