Tech Level

Tech levels are an indication of the level of technology found in a world. Manyknowledge and vehicle skills are based on tech level. When a character is in anarea where the tech level is different from their own they have 1 penalty dice perdifference in technology for any of these skills. The charts below can be used tocalculate the tech level of any area.


  1. Stone Age
  2. Bronze Age
  3. Iron Age
  4. Medeival
  5. Renaissance/Colonial
  6. Industrial Revolution
  7. Pre-Modern (World War I/World War II)
  8. Early Modern (Pre-Internet)
  9. Modern (Post Internet)
  10. Early Stellar
  11. Mid Stellar
  12. Antimatter
  13. Force
  14. Gravitic
  15. Worldbuilding
  16. Dysonian