Light Measuremeants

Different spells will affect light in various ways. Harath uses Lux to determine the amount of light that something generates. 1 Lux is equivalent to 1 sq meter of light. The following chart gives some common values generated by the formula = 10(Mana/20):

Lighting Values

PowerLuxIndoor Scale (3m distant)TasksSpacesOutdoor ScaleVisibility
0Total Darkness-10 to visual tasks
0.00001Near Total Darkness-7 to visual tasks
0.0005Moonless, cloud covered night-6 to visual tasks
0.002Starlight, no moon-5 to visual tasks
0.01Starlight, 1/4 moon-4 to visual tasks
0.05Moon below Half-3 to visual tasks
0.2Moon above Half-2 to visual tasks
11.12CandleDeep Twilight-1 to visual tasks
51.78NightlightLate twilight on a cloudy day (6:30 PM Feb in VA)+5 Hide in Shadows
103.16Alarm ClockResidential WalkwayEarly twilight on a clear day (6:30PM Feb in VA)+4 Hide in Shadows
155.62NightlightPedestrian walkwayPedestrian walkway+3 Hide in Shadows
2010.0015 watt incandescent bulbCommercial WalkwayWell lit street at night+2 Hide in Shadows
2517.7825 watt incandescent bulbStreet IntersectionParking Deck Lighting+1 Hide in Shadows
3031.6230 watt incandescent bulbMin readingSidewalkSun on a clear day (1810 Feb in VA)
3556.2340 watt incandescent bulbStairs, RampsPump Island at Gas Station
40100.0060 watt incandescent bulbTV Viewingw/in 3 m of ATMVery Dark Overcast DayCasual Seeing
45177.83100 watt incandescent bulbDiningOutdoor merchandise displaySun on a clear day (0640 Feb in VA)Some perception of details
50316.23150 watt incandescent bulbReadingClassroomsModerately easy visual tasks
55562.3460 watt Fluorescent light bulbWritingOffice BuildingModerately difficult visual tasks
60 1,000.00 Computer ProjectorStudyingTreatment RoomsOvercast DayVery difficult visual tasks
65 1,778.28 Studio LightingFine work and inspectionTV StudioStadium LightingExtremely difficult visual tasks
70 3,162.28 Dental LightingAssembly of minute itemsDental OfficeExceptionally difficult visual tasks
75 5,623.41 Grow Lightingmost difficult inspection, extra fine assembly, bench and machine work.Dental Office-1 Hide in Shadows
80 10,000.00 Grow Lightingvery special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size.Sun on a clear day (0900 Feb in VA)-2 Hide in Shadows
85 17,782.79 very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size.Sun on a clear day (1000 Feb in VA)-3 Hide in Shadows
90 31,622.78 Operating RoomSun on a clear day (1100 Feb in VA)-4 Hide in Shadows
95 56,234.13 Operating RoomOperating RoomSun on a clear day (1200 Feb in VA)-5Hide in Shadows
100 100,000.00 Sun on a clear day (1200 Feb in VA)
103 141,253.75 Sun on a clear day (1200 Feb at the equater)