Harath is a role-playing game in which you become a hardy adventurer, either because you were born that way, or because Fate placed you in a situation where you had to become one. Your home is Harath, a world in which magic is alive and well, where trolls and elves live, and where death always lurks just around the corner. Players that have role-played before are likely to find familiar elements, as material for this game was pulled for many sources, most notably GURPS(tm), ShadowRun(tm), Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(tm), and RuneQuest(tm). Harath is none of these, or perhaps it is all of them. I combined what I feel are the best aspects of all these systems, and then modified the results in ways that make (I hope) a coherent and sensible whole.

What follows is a quick look at the basic rules that guide the players through my gaming world. Harath is a ShadowRun(tm)-type skill-based game-system, which means that characters’ abilities are defined by the skills they choose to learn. They are free to claim whatever title they wish. Here a character can pick pockets or steal, but not have to call himself a thief, or save the town and rescue the maiden without having to call himself a hero. A player can alternately learn to swing a sword, cast magic, and pick a lock, with no penalty. In every sense, players create their own reality, with rules to support their choices rather than inhibit them.

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